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Church phone: 920-766-3929

School phone: 920-766-2029


We are located on Grignon Street, just two blocks east of highway 55 on the North side of Kaukauna.


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  • Trinity Lutheran School

    125 Years of Quality Christian Education

  • Trinity Lutheran School

    The boys basketball team plays to a victory!

  • Trinity Lutheran School

    These students are working in the computer lab to make the yearbook.

  • Trinity Lutheran School

    Students enjoy working on projects in our art room.

  • Trinity Lutheran School

    Students work on a project in connection with their Bible story.

  • Trinity Lutheran School

    Students make use of technology at Trinity in many ways.  Half of our classrooms have SMART Boards.

  • Trinity Lutheran School


    Lifelong friendships are formed at Trinity.

  • Trinity Lutheran School

    Students expand their learning through science experiments.

  • Trinity Lutheran School

    5th and 6th graders participate in a presentation about diabetes.

Welcome to Trinity Lutheran School!


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